The best amusement park in the heart of the Netherlands

KidZcity boasts a sprawling 5,000 m2 indoor amusement park brimming with exciting attractions tailored for children up to 11 years old.

Welcome to the most KidZ city of the Netherlands!

We aim to welcome all our guests, big and small, with warm smiles! Reserve your spot here to join in the fun!

Reservations are mandatory!

We determine our staffing levels based on reservations to ensure visitor safety and top-notch service at all times. Our reservation system allows us to identify peak times and make every visit enjoyable for our guests.

Why visit KidZcity amusement park?

Nestled in an old factory hall in Utrecht since 1999, KidZcity is the largest amusement park in the Randstad, with a primary focus on kidZ enjoyment.

Spanning 5,000 m2, our park offers a plethora of activities. From climbing in our castle to navigating obstacle courses in the funhouse, flying high in the balloonride, zooming around in bumper cars, embarking on a jungle train adventure, firing cannons in the Timekeeper, competing in laser tag, riding horses on the carousel, and bringing your own fish to life in ViZcity—there's something for every child's taste!

Access couldn't be easier with public transportation nearby, along with free parking available in our dedicated lot and on surrounding streets from 11:00. Inside, our air-conditioned restaurant boasts free Wi-Fi and delicious freshly ground coffee, ensuring a comfortable experience for parents. Join us for a day of excitement in one of the safest playgrounds in the country.

This is why you should choose KidZcity!

Nestled in an old factory hall in Utrecht, KidZcity is the largest amusement park in the Randstad region, offering a special focus on children up to 11 years old. With a spacious 5,000 m2 area, KidZcity features 13 attractions for kids to enjoy, as well as multiple seating areas for guardians and a spacious restaurant.

Rain or shine, KidZcity is the perfect destination! Our indoor facility ensures the weather is never an issue. Forget about checking the forecast for rain, snow, or wind – at KidZcity, everything happens under one roof. We've got you covered with heaters for chilly days and air conditioning in the restaurant for warmer weather.

While we don't have building-wide air conditioning, our restaurant offers a refreshing atmosphere with plenty of fresh air. And if you're craving some sunshine, step outside onto our terrace. Grab a parasol and bask in the fresh air.

In summary: Every day is a KidZcity day, no matter what the weather brings!

5,000 m2 of fun-filled adventures await! Climb, play, and explore to your heart's content. Ascend to the floating castle, navigate through the climbing maze, and soar on the balloon ride. Embark on a jungle journey aboard the train or enjoy a thrilling ride in the bumper cars. Test your aim with a cannon at the dragon in the Timekeeper or compete for the high score in laser tag. Perhaps you'd like to unleash your creativity with giant LEGO blocks in the theater or try your hand at one of the 25 games on the interactive floor. Gather the family for a thrilling descent down the big pink slide or bring your imagination to life in ViZcity. Whatever your heart desires, rediscover the joy of being a carefree kid for a day!

At KidZcity, everyone, whether they're 3 or 99 years old, pays one fixed price for entry to the park. Once inside, you'll enjoy unlimited access to all 13 attractions. No need for separate coins, payments for laser tag, or tickets for bumper cars – everything is included to prevent unexpected costs.

Out of the 13 attractions, 5 are operated by our staff for additional safety. Kids can hop back in line as soon as they're done with a ride, ensuring a day packed with excitement and guaranteed sweet dreams at night!

At KidZcity, the fun begins as soon as our little guests start moving! The vibrant colors, lights, and sounds are incredibly captivating for them. We've created a special baby corner for children up to 4 years old, ensuring their safety among the bigger kids. Here, they can enjoy soft play and pretend to drive around traffic lights, crosswalks, and traffic circles. And of course, no visit is complete without a trip to the ball pit! The adults can take the little ones on the balloonride, the carousel, and the little Jungle train. Let their creativity soar with XXL Lego blocks in the theater, or explore the large castle complete with turrets and slides.

And here's an added bonus – children up to 2 years old get in free! We can't wait to welcome you soon!

KidZcity is open from Tuesday to Sunday, as well as on certain holiday Mondays when schools in the middle and north of the Netherlands are closed for school breaks. Please refer to our 'Hours and Rates' page for the latest information on opening hours. And remember, don't forget to make a reservation before your visit!

Situated in an industrial area of Utrecht, KidZcity offers a conveniently centralized location, easily accessible by both public transport and car. It's the perfect spot to gather with friends or family from all corners of the country. With Amsterdam just a 20-minute train ride away and KidZcity just a 3-minute walk from Zuilen station, it's the ultimate destination for fun!

We provide free parking in our designated parking zone. Now the question remains: will the children chatter excitedly on the way home, or will they be fast asleep, dreaming of their adventures?

At KidZcity, our theater hosts exciting performances of various live entertainment on busy days. Will you come see the puppet show? Perhaps you'd like to join a dance workshop by My Motion or learn breakdancing? Don't forget to show off your dance moves to mom and dad! Our mascot, Z, also makes regular appearances to take pictures with you, give hugs and high fives.

Whether you're planning a kids' party, a family day out, or a meet-up with friends and their children, KidZcity is the ultimate destination. We also offer hosting services for school trips! Contact us via email for more details.

At KidZcity, parties are available for groups of 6 paying children or more. For just €1.00 per person, each guest will enjoy fries, sauce, and a drink. Plus, we provide a small gift for all kids, along with an extra special gift for the birthday boy or girl. Say goodbye to the hassle of preparing and cleaning your living room afterward – we've got you covered! With four different packages to choose from, planning your child's party has never been easier.


Biggest in the Randstad
Safe and hygienic
All attractieons are included
Free Wifi